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​For most people the purchase of a home is the single largest purchase of their life. It is the American Dream to own their own home. It represents stability, ownership and a place to raise a family. But not every dream has a happy ending, when homeowners discover unexpected surprises and expenses related to their home ownership. This was the genesis of the Home Inspector industry that went mainstream in the 1970’s. Today home inspections are a valuable tool for home buyers and are required by most lenders and have grown into a $1 Billion industry. During a home inspection, all the major systems and components of the house are examined—from roof to foundation, from ceiling to floor, from basement to attic. Home buyers then receive a thorough evaluation of condition of the house they are considering purchasing, so that they can make an informed purchasing decision armed with the knowledge of potential repairs bills. This in depth knowledge also provides the prospective home owner with a powerful and independent tool to negotiate with the home seller on who pays for any needed repairs, which can save the buyer thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

USA Home Inspections’ clients are primarily home buyers although some home sellers will also contract for a home inspection. Home sellers are concerned with addressing any issues before a prospective buyer brings them up. The home inspection also provides the seller a professional opinion to rely upon in case unexpected items are found by the buyer’s home inspector. Realtors are another important part of the home inspector’s business as they are often the person that the home buyer turns to for a referral of a home inspector. Many states require realtors to provide the names of multiple Home Inspectors to insure that the home buyer is getting an unbiased home inspection, rather than risk the realtor referring only one home inspector who the realtor knows will green light everything to ensure that there are no delays in the realtor selling the home. Realtors are a great opportunity for USA Home Inspectors franchisees, because while realtors may have a preferred inspector they are also be legally required to provide the names of others creating an opportunity for our franchisees.


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​As a USA Home Inspector franchisee you are trained in all aspects of being a home inspector and running your business. Home buyers are looking for a qualified, well trained professional who is trustworthy and can be relied upon to provide them an accurate assessment of the house they are considering buying.


Our training program teaches you all aspects of performing a home inspection, regardless of your previous experience. USA Home Inspector franchisees are trained in what to look for as you evaluate all aspects of the home including:

• House Envelope

• House Structure

• Electrical System

• Heating and Cooling System

• Plumbing System

• Foundation

• Roof

• Pests and Wood Destroying Organisms

You will train at our Ocala, Florida headquarters for two weeks with our expert trainers and executive team who are working in the field every week performing inspections and running their areas of the business. So you will be learning from the best, giving you the knowledge and confidence to be a great home inspector.

Once the inspection has been performed, the USA Home Inspection franchisee enters the information as well as the photos from the inspection into our software program and prints out the home inspection report for the client. This detailed report evaluates each area of the house for any problems that were found as well as the supporting photos. For a home buyer this information can then be used to provide peace of mind regarding the home they are purchasing or to negotiate with the home seller if there are unexpected problems that are found.


Developing a referral network is a key component in building your USA Home Inspection business. We have developed techniques and strategies for building relationships with realtors and other sources to maximize these opportunities. Our methods, along with your hard work and relationship building skills combine to establish the foundation upon which your business is built.

At USA Home Inspections, we have built our business and our reputation by relying upon a skilled and professional administrative staff that supports all of our home inspectors, both for our corporate operations and franchise operations. We coordinate all initial inquiries to our 800 number and refer them to the correct franchise location. But equally important we take the time to educate the caller about the home inspection process and what makes USA Home Inspections the right choice while also answering any questions they have. Our administrative staff is also there to support the franchisee with schedule confirmations and support. This frees up our franchisees to concentrate on building their business through referral sources and performing inspections, while knowing that a skilled administrative team is taking care of those aspects of the business.

​USA Home Inspections was started by Chris Ulrich and Curtis Sayler in Ocala, Florida in 2009. The housing market was in the early stages of recovering from the collapse of the mid-2000’s and Chris and Curtis recognized a void in the market for quality personalized home inspection services. With a focus on outstanding personalized service and reliable quality home inspections USA Home Inspections quickly became the leading home inspector in Ocala. With a dedicated administrative staff and systems that were developed, they found that the surrounding cities had the same need for service focused quality home inspections and that the organization that they build was easily scaled for expansion. Today USA Home Inspections services not only Ocala, but also Orlando, Tampa and Gainesville as well as all areas in between. The business model that we use for our corporate home inspectors allows the inspectors to focus on inspections and marketing, while most of the administrative functions are coordinated at the corporate office. Our franchisees enjoy this same structure, so they can focus on the two critical operations of their business that drive their income: marketing and performing inspections. Meanwhile, the franchisor will handle administrative functions such as the initial inquiry phone calls, scheduling and schedule confirmations so that the franchisee can focus on driving additional business and performing inspections.

​Why own a USA Home Inspections franchise?

Be your own boss with a USA Home Inspections franchise, while performing a valuable and needed service for home buyers. If you are looking for an opportunity where you can control your own income, have a flexible schedule, be part of a dynamic industry and own a company that you can be proud to be a part of, then USA Home Inspections may be just what you are looking for.


Our Franchise Provides

• Home Inspections is a Thriving and Growing Industry

• Home Buyers Are Often Required to Perform a Home Inspection

• Well Branded Business

• Flexible Hours of Operation

• Successful Marketing Program to Build Your Referral Network

• Added Services To Increase Your Average Bill

• Low Startup and Operating Costs

• Administrative Support That Frees You Up to Be In The Field and Marketing

• Home Based Business That Grows With You

• Detailed Training In All Aspects of the Business


Is there training? Do you provide support?

Each franchisee receives personal training for two weeks at our Ocala, Florida headquarters that takes you through all aspects of conducting home inspections, as well as marketing and running your business. Our combination of classroom and in the field training insures that each franchise is knowledgeable and confident after receiving training from our experience team of inspectors and corporate executives. Ongoing support and marketing assistant ensures that you receive all that you need to be operate and grow your business.


How much money can I make?

The Federal Trade Commission regulates what USA Home Inspections is allowed to disclose to potential franchisees. As you proceed through the process of purchasing your USA Home Inspections center, you will receive the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) that details more about the business opportunity and your expected startup expenses related to our franchise, as well as the financial performance of our affiliate locations.


How much will I need to invest?

The estimated initial investments to establish a USA Home Inspections franchise is from $37,800 to $78,800. This includes a franchise fee of between $19,900 and $39,000, leasing or purchasing a vehicle, vehicle wrap, startup kit, equipment, grand opening marketing, travel costs for training and working capital to open your business.


Do you offer financing?

USA Home Inspections does not offer any direct financing but we can recommend some third party financing options for you. If you have a retirement fund we can also recommend some great programs that allow you to borrow against your retirement fund without paying penalties or taxes.

What do I need to own a USA Home Inspections franchise?

• Working capital of $35,000 with good credit

• Home services experience is preferred but not required

• Results driven

• Detail oriented

• Knowledgeable of the market


Would you like to learn more?

Simply, complete the Request for Consideration Form. Upon receiving the form we will contact you.

​1. Review franchise information on Many of your initial questions will be answered by the information provided here.

2. Complete “Information Request Form”

Please complete our Information Request Form to receive additional information. If you meet our preliminary criteria and your territory is available, a representative will be in touch within 2 business days.

3. Initial phone call

During our first call we will further discuss the USA Home Inspections opportunity. We will also cover a few key topics including; your motivation, business background and territory of interest.

4. Receive marketing packet

After you’ve talked with one of the USA Home Inspections Franchise Sales Associates we will send out a Marketing Packet with additional information on the program and a Request for Consideration Form.

5. Return Request for Consideration Form

This form tells us that you are serious about the opportunity and it will also give us a clear picture of your financial and managerial plans.

6. Review FDD

Upon receipt of your completed Request for Consideration Form, we will mail you our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). The FDD further defines the relationship between the Franchisor (us) and the Franchisee (you). It is a legal document, and it is what you will sign in order to become a USA Home Inspections franchisee.

7. FDD Conference Call

Within two weeks of receiving the FDD, we will contact you to schedule a FDD Conference Call. This call will give you the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about the FDD or Franchise Agreement. If you plan to review the FDD with an attorney, or have specific legal questions, please submit your questions prior to our call.

8. Discovery Day!

Your Discovery Day should be held within 30 days of your FDD Conference Call. Discovery Days are held at our corporate headquarters in Ocala, Florida. You will have the opportunity to view our operations and see firsthand how the USA Home Inspections works as well as spend time with our staff and Executive Team.

9. Signing

If we feel that you are a great franchisee candidate, we will send you a formal written offer including the assigned territory. The signing is done remotely and does not require a trip back to our headquarters.